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     Love's Sweetness is a family run maple syrup business. All members of the family help with the business - Ray and wife Suzanne along with their family - Christy, Aaron, and Tiffany. In terms of the history of maple syrup making we are relative newcomers beginning in 1988. Ray Love and teenage son Aaron began syrup maing with a few pails. Sap was collected by a team of Belgiums and boiled in a single flat pan over an open fire in the bush. Soon more pails were hung bringing our total to approximately 700 taps. Two more pans were added and a small sugar house was constructed in 1990. At this point a 2x6' wood fired evaporator was added. Soon a 3x12 foot wood fired evaporator appeared and the process was improved greatly. Because Ray taught school and due to the increased work load, a change was needed. A new and larger sugar house was built, pails were abandoned and approximately 800 trees were put onto a gravity tubing system.

     Many changes have occurred over the years. Son-in-Law Steven Plume, his wife Christy and children Ben and Georgia have now joined the team with Steve being a 50% partner. We now have approximately 4200 taps on a vacuum tubing system. Another new 3x12' oil fired evaporator along with reverse osmosis has greatly improved efficiency. All of our equipment is stainless steel, hence eliminating lead from our syrup. we produce all grades of syrup as well as other maple products. Our sugar house is located right in the middle of the sugar bush and is completely accessible. the season begins during the latter part of February, lasting approximately 6 weeks. 1000-1200 gallons of syrup are produced each year. Much of our syrup is retailed at the farm gate with some wholesaled to various stores. a small amount is sold in bulk quantities.

     Each year Love's Sweetness hosts Maplefest during the second weekend of April. Egremont Optimists sponsors the event along with the support of 250 community volunteers. In 2010 we attracted approximately 8000 visitors.

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